Kesgrave Parish Walks

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Parish Walks
Welcome to the Parish Walks Guide. There are 9 walks in all. These are:

  • 0 - Overview - pdf
  • 1 - Kesgrave (7.0 km) - pdf
  • 2 - Rushmere St. Andrew (6.25 km) - pdf
  • 3 - Playford (7.0 km) - pdf
  • 4 - Little Bealings (4.25 km) - pdf
  • 5 - Martlesham (6.5 km) - pdf
  • 6 - Newbourne (7.6 km) - pdf
  • 7 - Brightwell & Bucklesham (7.0 km) - pdf
  • 8 - Foxhall (6.25 km) - pdf
  • 9 - Outer Ring (35 km) - pdf

(NB 1 km ~ 0.6 miles)

These walks have been devised by the Town and Parish Councils of; Brightwell, Foxhall and Purdis Farm; Kesgrave; Little Bealings; Martlesham; Playford; and Rushmere St. Andrew in conjunction with Suffolk County Council Parish Paths Partnership and the Greenways Countryside Project.

A circular walk is provided in each parish, covering as many places of interest as possible. There is also an outer walk that circles the whole area for the more adventurous.

There are individual leaflets describing each walk in detail together with places of interest. These can be obtained from Kesgrave Town Council Offices at £1.35 per set or downloaded above by clicking the appropriate pdf link. They have been updated in 2020 to reflect changes in footpaths and access.

Most of the walks can be accessed on foot from Kesgrave or via route 66 for Martlesham and Ipswich residents. Bus details can be obtained from TraveLine. Suitable access links from Kesgrave and the outer parishes are shown on the map for those who would rather walk than go by car to the start of each walk.

When using the walks please follow the Countryside Code and don’t use bicycles on public footpaths. The following Ordnance Survey maps cover the walks: Landranger 169, Explorer 197.

Should you come across any problems whilst using any of these walks or have any questions, please contact Kesgrave Town Council.

Michael Rayment - Walks Co-ordinator


  • Walks Co-ordinator - Mr Michael Rayment
  • Walk Updates - Mr Nick Francis / Judith Francis
  • Pamphlet Design/Artwork - Mr Alan Comber
  • Paintings - Mr Richard Cox
  • Town/Parish Councils - Brightwell, Foxhall and Purdis Farm; Kesgrave; Little Bealings; Martlesham; Newbourne; Playford; and Rushmere St. Andrew.
  • Original Funding - Greenways, Suffolk County Council, Countryside Commission, Town/Parish Councils.

Countryside Code

Please follow the countryside code:

Respect everyone
    • be considerate to those living in, working in and enjoying the countryside
    • leave gates and property as you fnd them
    • do not block access to gateways or driveways when parking
    • be nice, say hello, share the space
    • follow local signs and keep to marked paths unless wider access is available

Protect the environment
    • take your litter home – leave no trace of your visit
    • do not light fires and only have BBQs where signs say you can
    • always keep dogs under control and in sight
    • dog poo – bag it and bin it – any public waste bin will do
    • care for nature – do not cause damage or disturbance

Enjoy the outdoors
    • check your route and local conditions
    • plan your adventure – know what to expect and what you can do
    • enjoy your visit, have fun, make a memory

Contact Details:

Rushmere St. Andrew
Little Bealings
Brightwell and Bucklesham
Outer Walk
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