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Waste Disposal, Recycling and Repair
Gavin Hamilton provides a replacement/adjustment service for a donation. All proceeds go to dog rescue.
Repairs offered include electrical and electronic goods (including PAT testing), mechanical items eg toys, furniture, clothing, leatherwork and a sharpening service.
Where items are repaired, re-used or re-cycled.
Recycling / Re-use
Unit 5 Tesco, Ropes Drive IP5 2FU

2nd Stop was set up in 1999 and raises funds for local organisations by selling quality second-hand goods at reasonable prices.
The library is always looking for good quality book donations, mainly fiction – adult or children.
Did you know that Kesgrave Library is a drop off point for printer ink cartridges, whether used or out of date (apart from laser printer cartridges).
Did you know that Kesgrave Library is a drop off point for used stamps and old coins.
You can donate reusable items at all of Suffolk’s recycling centres by putting material in the orange re-use containers or by donating directly to the Chairty Reuse Shop. Items donated help to support local charities.
Don't throw it away, give it away! Got stuff you don't need? We'll find someone to come and take it. Looking for something? We'll pair you with someone giving it away. All completely free. Freegle: it's like online dating for stuff.
We are a Christian charity that collects unwanted usable tools, refurbishes them, sorts them into trade tool kits and sends them to the developing world for livelihood creation. In doing so, we also support UK communities through volunteering opportunities and contribute significantly to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and carbon emissions in the UK.
Kesgrave is well served by recycling banks for glass bottles and jars; textiles (clothing), household linen, shoes and bags; plastic bags and packaging; batteries.
There are 11 Recycling Centres in Suffolk - our nearest one is at Foxhall.
Waste Disposal
Details of the garden waste scheme - subscription service, what you can / cannot put in the bin, alternatives etc.
Details of the general waste scheme - what you can / cannot put in the bin, alternatives etc.
Details of the recycling waste scheme - what you can / cannot put in the bin, alternatives etc.
Find out when your bins are scheduled to be collected next.
If you were missed by a bin collection please report it here.
Food waste is no longer be to be disposed of using the garden waste bin. If you do generate food waste, the most environmental ways to deal with it are given here.
Information on home composting and what you can put in your garden waste bin.
How to have it collected and disposed of safely. It includes any material discarded which puts human health or the environment at risk because of its chemical or biological nature eg asbestos, oil based paints, varnish, paint tripper, white spirit, wood dyes, weed/insect killers, poisons, toilet/drain cleaners, antifreeze, brake/clutch fluid, chlorine etc
You can recycle real Christmas trees in your household compost bin, your garden waste bin or take to a recycling centre. There are also a number of charity-run fundraising Christmas Tree Collection schemes taking place across some parts of Suffolk.
Advice on what to do if you need to request, replace or report a stolen bin.
An assisted waste collection service is available for residents who are unable to move their wheeled bin to the kerbside for collection.
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