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TV Licencing


How to pay your TV licence

You can pay your TV licence in a number of ways:

  • Direct Debit - monthly, quarterly, yearly - via online form
  • Debit or Credit Card - yearly - via online form, phone call or paypoint (debit card only - see other options below)
  • TV Licensing payment card - weekly, fortnightly or monthly - via online form (debit or credit card), by 24/7 phone line (debit or credit card), paypoint (debit card or cash), text (after making a debit or credit card payment before).
  • Cheque or Postal Order - yearly - via post
  • BACS Bank Transfer - yearly - via online form with your bank or building society
  • Paypoint - you can buy or renew a licence, make payments on a TV Licensing payment card, or save towards your next licence with a savings card. You can make payments by debit card or cash. Our nearset paypoint locations are: Kesgrave Tesco Metro, Ropes Drive, One Stop Store Penzance Road or Dobbs General Store, Dobbs Lane.

    To find other locations visit the paypoint website
  • TV Licensing savings card - yearly -  Pay into an account, and they’ll take the payment from your balance when your next licence is due. You can make a deposit whenever you like, and the minimum payment is £2.00. You can pay via an online form (debit or credit card), a paypoint (debit card or cash), or by 24/7 phone line (debit card)
Discount or Free Licence

If you’re 75 or over, registered blind or live in residential care you might be entitled to a discount or free licence:

Further Information / Pay

For further information and to buy or manage your TV Licence online click here:


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