Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch is about people getting together with their neighbours to help combat local crime.

Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch scheme helps to make our neighbourhoods more secure and our communities feel safer.

The main objectives of Neighbourhood Watch are to:

  • prevent and reduce crime in our neighbourhoods
  • provide reassurance to people in our communities
  • provide practical and up-to-date crime reduction advice
  • encourage members of our communities to be alert and watchful in looking after themselves and others
  • act as a channel of communication by passing on information from the police to the community and from the community to the police.

Statistics show that levels of crime are less in residential areas covered by Neighbourhood Watch than in those which are not.

There are around 8 schemes in Kesgrave.

Further Details

Further information on how to set up a scheme can be found at

and details of Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch can be found at


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