Garden Waste Collection (Brown Bins)

Brown Bin


The garden waste scheme is an annual subscription service, costing £45.00 per year (2021). Operating all year round, it provides 26 fortnightly collections of domestic garden waste (the same day your recycling bin is emptied) for one bin. Additional bin subscriptions are available if required. To renew an existing garden waste subscription or subscribe for the first time, click the link below:

You can use your brown bin for:

  • Garden waste - such as grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, weeds (but not Japanese Knotweed), dead flowers, straw and hay, light shrub cuttings and leaves, sawdust, untreated wood chippings, bedding from vegetarian pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • Shredded paper and cardboard egg boxes - these can also be home composted.
  • Soiled paper - kitchen paper towels, takeaway pizza boxes (it helps if these are crushed), cardboard boxes used to collect kitchen food waste.
  • Clean paper and card - only if there is insufficient room in your blue lidded bin. Please make sure that all plastic or cellophane wrappers, staples and tape is removed and placed in the grey bin first. These can also be taken to your local household waste recycling centre for disposal free of charge.

NB As of 1st September 2021 you cannot use your Brown Bin for food waste.

To check what you can and cannot put in your garden waste bin, click the link below and enter the postcode of the property in the box and then choose the address.

Your brown bin is emptied fortnightly during the weeks highlighted on the bin collection round calendar. This will be the same day your blue lidded bin for recyclable materials is emptied.

If your garden waste bin contains any items that shouldn't be included it will not be emptied as these items cannot be accepted by the in-vessel processing plant that turns the material into soil improver.

Collection Day

Details of your collection day in each recycling week can be found online at:

Useful notes:

  • Your bins should be out ready for emptying at the latest by 6am on collection days as collections start early, and to avoid missing a collection as the time of collection may also change on the day.
  • Present bin at the boundary of your property where your access meets the public highway or other agreed collection point.
  • Don’t force too much waste into a bin as it can stick inside, meaning it won’t come out when emptied
  • Ensure bins do not contain any incorrect items, as it may not be emptied
  • Ensure the lid on bins are closed for collections, otherwise we won’t be able to empty it
  • Take bins in as soon as possible after collection as they can cause a serious obstructions and block access, particularly when left on public pavements and access ways

All bin collections are worked as normal on bank holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Please note the following:

  • Only waste contained within the correct wheeled bin will be collected. Excess waste (side waste) that you cannot fit into your bin must be taken to a household waste recycling centre. Alternatively you can obtain an additional bin for an annual fee.
  • Please do not place loose ash, cinders or any other dusty materials in your wheeled bin - this includes ash from barbeques. All ash, cinders or any other dusty materials must be bagged and the bag sealed, then placed in the grey lidded bin. It must not be placed in the blue lidded bin. Loose dust or ash will blow about when the bin is emptied, causing injury to eyes, and is unpleasant to breathe. It will also leave a mess behind.

  • Please do not put any of the items listed above in plastic bags or biodegradable bags in your brown bin as this will prevent the composting process. Compostable bags can be used, but they must specifically state on them that they are '100% compostable'.

  • Double wrapping the food waste in newspaper will help stop smells and flies (but make sure there are no staples, plastic film or tape in the paper). If you do not want food waste in your brown bin for up to a fortnight, it can also be placed in the grey lidded bin for collection during the other week.

Further Details

Futher details including what you can and cannot put in your brown/green bins can be found here:

If you are not sure of your collection day, or haven't received a calendar, or have lost your copy, contact East Suffolk Services on:

and they will confirm your collection day or send you a new calendar.


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