Data Link

Data Link


Data Link is a voluntary scheme for anyone living at home, who might be reassured to know that essential information would be readily available to the Emergency Services, should they suffer an accident or sudden illness. The scheme ensures that vital information is available not only to identify you, but also to advise of relevant illnesses, allergies, medication and contact addresses.

Data link is a scheme where your details (eg what you are allergic to, blood group, current medication, your doctor and carers and more) are stored in a clearly labelled plastic container kept in your fridge.

Two matching labels, known to the Emergency Services and other care agencies are displayed in your house, one on the outside of your fridge door and the other on the inside of your front door. In a crisis the Emergency Services can save valuable minutes by always being able to find this information in the same place.

How to Obtain Kits and Further Details

Further details of datalink, how to obtain kits and what to do with them can be found on their website:


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