There is no land in Kesgrave set aside for allotments. Any free land still available is likely to be sold for building land and as such will be too expensive to purchase and use for allotments. Allotments require a large area to be practical.

However a Kesgrave organisation exists to promote the interests of gardening activities, including conducting negotiations with local authorities for the provision of allotments within Kesgrave. It is called KALGA - Kesgrave Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Association.



KALGA - Kesgrave Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Association

Kalga was formally established in January 2009 and on 1 March 2012 took over a 5 acre site at Lux Farm, Playford.


  • The allotment site is located at the end of Playford Lane, Rushmere St Andrew. The entrance is located where the tarmac road finishes with the gate on the right, the entrance is clearly signed as the KALGA site. Please note that parking in the lane or the entrance of the field opposite is not allowed.


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