Waste Bins - Waste Not Collected or Bin Missing or Damaged

What if my bin has been stolen

If your wheeled bin has been missing for more than 2 days and is presumed stolen, please ring the Police on 101 and obtain a crime reference number. On receipt of this number Norse will arrange a replacement bin at no extra charge.

What if my bin has been damaged

If you bin has been damaged please report online at: my.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/service/wheeled_bin_repair_request

If your wheeled bin becomes damaged beyond repair, you will have to pay the cost of a replacement bin. If the damage is caused when the bin is being emptied by Suffolk Coastal Norse, they will replace or repair the bin at no cost to you.

What if my bin collection has been missed

If you bin has not been emptied (ie missed) then please report online at: my.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/en/service/Waste_missed_bin_collection


Last update on Monday 08 Feb 2021 by Alan Comber.

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