Road traffic collision

If you have been involved in a road traffic collision that does not require police attendance (see criteria below) please completete an online form at:

Please only report collisions that have occurred in Suffolk using this form.

If someone has been killed or seriously injured do not report your collision here. Please ring 999.

If you or any other person received any injury as a result of a Road Traffic Collision do not report your collision here. Please attend your local station within 24 hours or alternatively ring 101.

In order to complete and submit an online road collision report you will need to provide a valid email address.


Criteria for not requiring police attendance and using this form:

  • No-one has been seriously injured.
  • The road or flow of traffic is clear.
  • No property has been damaged.
  • There is no suspicion that the other party has acted unlawfully.
  • All parties concerned have exchanged details including vehicle registration number, driver's name and address, vehicle owner's name and address, and insurance details if an injury has been caused to someone other than yourself.


Last update on Saturday 16 Feb 2019 by Alan Comber.

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