Over the winter months flooding can cause persistent and damaging issues for local communities. Despite the disruption this can cause, it can also be quite difficult to know who to report flooding to since there can be a number of different organisations (known as flood risk management authorities) who might have responsibility or involvement in an incident.


Identify which organisation you should report your flood to

Flood and Water Management at Suffolk County Council have created a webpage to help identify which organisation you should report your flood to, and provides links to try and make this process as simple as possible.  This link covers flooding in an emergency, flooding of a highway, blocked drains, water rising from the ground, flooding from ditches and drains, burst water / sewage mains, flooding of your property and draining / flooding enquiries.


House Insurance amd Flood Re

Historically, flooding tends to go under-reported due to the fear of an increase in insurance costs, but a new government scheme known as “Flood Re” has helped to significantly reduce the insurance burden on homeowners. You can find more information on:

So if you are aware of any areas which may have suffered from flooding, you are encourages to use the reporting tool and make the relevant risk management authorities aware.


General Information

You can also find plenty more information on a number of different flooding and drainage issues (such as ditches, highway drainage, and the responsibilities of private owners) on the following website:


Risk of flooding in England

You can find out if you’re:


Sign up for flood warnings

You can sign up to get flood warnings in England by phone, email or text message if your home or business is at risk of flooding. The service is free.

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