Public Open Space, Play Areas, Walks and Footpaths



When western Kesgrave was developed there was no need to provide any public open space, as most of the dwellings had big gardens and therefore private space for residents to enjoy. However the newer areas of Kesgrave are more dense and gardens are smaller, and where there are flats and apartments what little space there is, is not suitable for ball games. So having areas of public open space is vital.

Anyone new to the Town would do well to get a Kesgrave Map, either by downloading from this website Kesgrave Map or from the Town Council Office and then go in search of the various areas.

Some are owned by Kesgrave Town Council, some by the District Council and of course there are the sports facilities at the schools and the Community Centre. Some areas have play equipment, some sports equipment, some are just “green lungs” – there's something to cater for most people.

Kesgrave Council is actively seeking to own and manage the major areas of Public Open Space in Kesgrave. It current owns Cedarwood Green, Legion Green and Oak Meadow.