Long Strops

Long Strops


Long Strops is the widenend bridleway and Public Open Space between Bell Lane and Kesgrave Wood (also known as Dobbs Wood). It runs for approximately 1 mile along the southern edge of the Grange Farm housing development [see Kesgrave Map]. Until 1984 Long Strops marked the southern boundary of Kesgrave, this now lies along Foxhall Road. It has a small man-made pond about half way along it,

The origin of the name ‘strops’ is unclear, but it might refer to a strip of land. Old maps show that there were fields called ‘Long Strops’ and ‘Short Strops’ located here.

There are a number of fido bins along this area, in positions where they can be reached by Suffolk Coastal Services to be emptied, but inevitably some people don't clear up after their pet, so a little bit of care must be taken not to bring home more than you bargained for.



Long Strops is easily accessible from local walking and cycling routes in the town. The Route 66 bus has stops in Ropes Drive - a short walk away.


Long Strops Hedge

This was planted in the year 2000 along the southern boundary of the open space. It contains native plant species such as Hawthorn, Field Maple and Hazel to help wildlife. The photo below shows the hedge soon after planting. It has grown significantly since then and is very attractive to wildlife, especially butterflies.

Sandlings Walk

Long Strops is part of the 60-mile long Sandlings Walk. This runs between Eastern Ipswich and Southwold. The Sandlings is the name given to the lowland heath that once covered a large part of East Suffolk. Today, only a few fragments remain and the walk links these together. For further details contact Suffolk Coasts & Heaths AONB.

Parish Walks

Long Strops is also included in a series of eight short walks which explore places of interest in Kesgrave and neighbouring parishes. A ninth, longer walk completes a circuit around the entire area. Leaflets are available from the Town Council Office. See www.kesgrave.org.uk/walks for further details.

Kesgrave Walks

Interpretation Boards

In 2010 the Town Council installed two interpretation boards in the area. These provide information about local landscape features and wildlife. One board is located a short Walk from the Bell Lane car park. The other board is located in Kesgrave Wood, opposite Dobbs Grave.

For more details please download the artworks here.

It is proposed that a third interpretation board be placed next to the wildlife pond. This would identify some of the wildlife species in the pond and explain the importance of the pond as a wildlife habitat. The board would be installed once the wildlife pond had been restored and subject to funding being available.

Interpretation Boards

Intpretation Boards


Wildlife Pond

This is located near to Cedarwood School, about half-way between Bell Lane and Kesgrave (Dobbs) Wood. The pond is enclosed by a timber fence. There is an ‘outdoor classroom’ area at one end complete with seating and a ‘dipping platform’ to enable better access to the pond’s wildlife.

Long Strops Pond


The Millennium Sports Ground (MSG)

The football pitches and Millennium Jubilee Hall (MJH) are located at the Eastern end of Long Strops, off Millennium Way [see Kesgrave Map]. The MJH is also available for anyone to hire. Further details can be found here.

Millennium Jubilee Hall


Kesgrave Wood (Dobbs Wood)

This is located beyond the Eastern end of Long Strops. It is privately owned and managed for wildlife and is not a public open space. Visitors are asked to keep to the official routes through the Wood and not to disturb areas on either side of the path.


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