Cedarwood Walk

The original north/south farm hedge line extends further south again from Ropes Drive along Cedarwood Walk to Cedarwood Green.

Just before you enter Cedarwood Green there are some sculptures.

The sculptures were commisoned by Mr & Mrs John Fenton from a local sculptor Laurence Edwards and completed in 2008.

This project sort to mark the building of a new housing estate on a green field site, by creating a series of sculptures that looked to the previous uses of the land. 

Objects would be set against each other, to represent the present and the past. For example a horse and an engine would mark the passing of horsepower to the combustion engine in farming. A brick and a flint traced building materials.

The series culminates in a bronze bird box (the local schools playground housed many such boxes) with a lens set inside it. When you looked through the nesting hole, you looked through a telescope which inverted the world. This rotated so the viewer could scan the sculptures, which would turn upside down offering an alternative reading, as well turning the estate on its head.

Cedarwood Walk

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