Suffolk Constabulary - Motorbikes/mopeds stolen from Ipswich

Between December 2020 and the start of February 2021, 11 motorbikes/mopeds were reported stolen in Ipswich and the immediate surrounds. 

If you own a motorbike, please review your security now to reduce the chance of having your bike stolen.  The more layers of security you can introduce, the more time it will take a thief to steal your motorbike and the greater the chance of them being caught.  Do not rely on one security method only.    

Full details of Motorbike security can be found at but please take particular note of the following points:

Store your motorbike in a locked garage or shed.  If this is not possible, try to park it behind a locked gate. 

  • Use an SBD  or Sold Secure diamond motorbike chain.  Secure it to an immovable object such as a ground anchor.
  • If no immovable objects are available, wind the chain tightly between the back wheel and frame.
  • Ensure that the chain is taut and away from the ground to make it harder to smash, break or force apart.
  • Use a cover on your motorbike.  It may make it harder for a thief to see it and will delay any attempt to steal it. 
  • Use an alarm on your motorbike. 
  • Park your motorbike where there is good surveillance.  A motion activated CCTV system will allow you to monitor it in real time.  Park it close to a room that is occupied at night and make sure you react to any alarm activations.  Check on it regularly. 

To pass information or report a crime please use one of the methods below -

Website –

Phone – Call 101

Alternatively, contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100% anonymously on 0800 555 111, or via their online form:

Please note in the event of an emergency you should always call 999.

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