Suffolk Constabulary - Mobile phone thefts from shoppers


The relaxation of lockdown means we can now enjoy spending time browsing in the shops.  Unfortunately, thieves are also aware of this and there have been several thefts of mobile phones reported recently in Ipswich. Please ensure that thieves are not able to spoil your day by following these simple tips.

  • Always keep phones, purses and any other valuables in a zipped bag or inside pocket.
  • Thieves will take phones from pockets or bags when you are distracted, so make sure any valuables are in secure locations within your vision (not in a back pocket or rucksack).  
  • Never leave your bag or coat unattended whilst you are out.
  • If someone bumps into you, check your valuables immediately.

Register your phone and other valuables at   Make sure you know how to block your phone if it is stolen. 



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