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Police received reports of people knocking on doors in East Ipswich on afternoon of Tuesday 20 April.   Reports had been received that they were carrying large bags and attempting to sell household goods at the door.  Police attended and several people were given notices requiring them to leave the area.

Police and Trading Standards always advise against buying or selling any item at your door.

The following advice is designed to help you to stay safe at home.  We ask that you particularly share this advice with any vulnerable family, friends or neighbours.

  • Always keep all doors locked at all times.
  • You are not obliged to answer the door, especially if you don’t know who is calling.
  • If you do decide to answer the door, use a spyhole or window to check who is there first. 
  • Always use the chain when answering the door to someone you don’t know.
  • Any person selling door to door should been issued with a pedlars licence from the local police and be willing to let you see it.
  • There is very little quality, safety or price control over items sold in this way.  It is therefore strongly recommended that you do not buy from anyone selling door to door.

For further information on Cold Callers please go to

Stickers advising that you do not buy or sell at your door can be collected from Museum Street, Ipswich Police station – view how to find us

You may wish to set up a No Cold Calling Zone (NCCZ)  in your area.   This is an area where the majority of residents wish to prevent cold callers in order to deter crime at the location.  Stickers are provided to demonstrate the fact that it is a NCCZ.  Anyone caught selling door to door in these areas is committing a criminal offence that can be investigated by Suffolk Trading Standards.

For further information on NCCZ please go to:


Design Out Crime Officer (Ipswich)

Neighbourhood Partnership Team South

Police Station

10 Museum Street





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