School Readers Needed!

National literacy charity Schoolreaders is looking for volunteers to provide one-to-one reading support in selected Ipswich and Kesgrave primary schools. This support has been proven to help children’s reading fluency, comprehension, self-esteem and enjoyment, providing a crucial supplement to classroom teaching. Volunteering usually takes one to two hours per week in term time and volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of one academic year.

Founder Jane Whitbread comments: “Poor reading skills makes reading instructions, understanding a medicine label, accessing information over the internet, or even filling out a job application difficult or impossible. Literacy opens doors, helps learning and brings new opportunities. “Volunteering through us is so simple yet so enriching. Adults can give back to their local community and make a difference to children’s lives. 98% of our volunteers reported a positive impact on their wellbeing through volunteering with us.”

For more information, please visit or call 01234 924111.



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