Youth Projects

Skate Park (2000-)

Kesgrave Town Council have been working to support the provision of skateboard facilities in the area from before 2000. A lot of background work has been undertaken on this project, however because of the nature of the activity, environmental concerns and costs, progress has been slow.

Dirt Jumping (2004)

This project was due to complete in 2004 after almost 2 years work. The Town Council had researched a number of equivalent facilities within the County, identified a location (Cedarwood Green) and had a local person willing to sculpt the land into a suitable site. However to make the project viable they needed a committee of willing volunteers to take over day to day running of the site and make sure it was clean and free from any hazards (glass etc). Although a number of attempts were made to form a committee no one came forward to take the roles on. The project unfortunately therefore had to be abandoned.

It is now highly unlikely that this project will be resurrected unless a committee can be formed and an alternative piece of land found. Suitable land is very scarce in Kesgrave.

Practice Basket Ball Net - Grange Meadow (2004)

Basket Ball Net

This facility sited by the Grange Farm Pub was provided by Kesgrave Town Council in 2004 in response to feedback from young people that they would use it. Having being installed for a few years now it still remains a popular facility.

Practice Football Nets - Oak Meadow (2004)

Football Nets

This facility sited on Oak Meadow was provided by Kesgrave Town Council in 2004 in response to feedback from young people that they would use it. Having being installed for a few years now it still remains a popular facility.

The Drop In (2005-2007)

A lot of background work has been undertaken over the years on providing a drop in centre for Kesgrave and surrounding areas. All this work came to fruition in September 05 when the Kesgrave and District Youth Forum (KDYF) ran a drop in centre pilot project at Kesgrave Youth Club for a year and established the need. It attracted enough funding to continue until July 07, although in the end for various reasons itclosed in April 07.

The main issues with continuing were; obtaining a guaranteed income stream; unpaid volunteers to manage it and to help run meetings; and political support for it. Attracting paid employees to run and oversee the meetings was less of an issue.

Fun Evenings (2005-2008)

Fun Day

From 2005 the Kesgrave and District Youth Forum ran an event in conjunction with Stocks Fun Fair the evening before the annual Family Fun Day/Football Tournament. There were two sessions, one for up to to 11's and one for over 11's and young people and adults were charged a fix prices (£5) for unlimited rides on the dodgems and rock city. There are also other attractions but these have to be paid for.

Pictures can be found in the photo album.

These events were reasonably successful and had around 300 attend. The first year we had a local adult rock band and two high school aged rock bands entertain the crowd. Unfortunately this is difficult to organise and had been dropped. There is now also the Kesgrave Music Day in August.

However in 2008 the event stopped running as the Family Fun Day/Football Tournament closed due to lack of a volunteers to run it and it didn't make it economic for the fun fair to come just for this event. The football tournament then moved to the High School.

Coastal Potato (2005-2013)

From 2005 to 2013 Suffolk Coastal's Active Leisure Team brought Coastal Potato (orginally Coastal Playscheme and Coastal Sports Activities) over the summer holidays to many villages in the local area including Kesgrave. Events included a mobile skatepark, dance mats, music sessions, football roadshow and FLICK. The service was stopped due to financial cutbacks.

Suffolk Coastal Mobile Skatepark (2005-2013)

Mobile Skate Park

For a number of years a mobile skate park was provided a couple of times a year over the summer as part of Suffolk Potato. Unfortunately funding for this stopped around 2013. Kesgrave Town Council took over the kit in 2014 and has used it a couple of times since.

Radio Kesgrave (2006-2009)

Radio Kesgrave

Radio Kesgrave was a radio station operated for the local community streamed over the internet for people to listen to on their computers or on internet enabled radios and was managed and run by a team of young people.

The idea for this project was piloted at the 2006 Kesgrave Family day. For the whole day the event was streamed to local residents, included 2 live acts from local bands.

Funding for the project of around £8000 was secured from SPort and Recreation in Kesgrave, Kesgrave Community Centre and locality budgets. This covered the cost of the equipment and a licence for two years.

Radio Kesgrave was launched on 24 Oct 07 at the opening of the Cedarwood Green play equipment. Since then it transmitted live bands from events, pre-recorded band sessions and compilations from CDs.

In 2009 Radio Kesgrave was closed down as the original founders moved on to university and new people to take over didn't materialise.

There was a plan to have a local FM version of Radio Kesgrave transmitting at the High School but this didn't happen either.

Bell Pub Project (2007-2008)

The Bell Public House opened up their sports bar to 13-17 year olds once every two weeks to provide a place to meet and get to know the pub atmosphere. No alcohol or tobacco was sold during these evenings. The project started in June 2007 and closed in October due to a lack of attendance.  However it attracted around 20-25 youths initially but this unfortunately reduced with time. It then re-opened at a different time in 2008 based on feedback from young people but again did not run for very long before attendances dwindled.

Graffitti Project (2007-2010)

Graffitti Project

The Graffiti project was overseen by the high school to adopt and decorate underpasses. The first underpasses to be painted were the entrance to Ropes Drive West and the Library underpass. This work was carried out in July 07. This then moved on to the Martlesham Roundabout underpass followed by the remaining underpasses. In 2010 the final underpass was completed.

Tuesday Drop In (2008 - 2011)

This club used to meet on Tuesday evenings at Kesgrave youth club, for school years 5 to 8. This was effectively a re-opening of the TDI (The Drop In). It re-opened in late September 08 and was intended to complement the older youth club group on a Thursday. It ran from 7.30 to 9.00pm, and had activities such as art and craft, pool, indoor hockey, basketball, indoor football, tuck shop, chill-out room and free toast. After the first week free a nominal charge of 50p a week was levied but the main running costs were covered by a grant from Kesgrave Town Council. The club was also supported by All Saints church who provide two paid youth workers plus volunteers. However due to the closure of the Youth Club by Suffolk County Council (May 2011) a new joint community based management committee has taken over the running of the Tuesday Drop In and the Thursday Youth Club.

Art Project (2010)

Kesgrave Art Exhibition

This project was led and organised by the Kesgrave High School Art Department. Over the years the school has produced some excellent work and it was felt that it should not only be exhibited to parents as part of exam viewing but also moved into the community to make it more accessible to local residents. Hence in 2010 a selection of the work was exhibited at local venues. The main venues were Theronda Hoffman's Kesgrave Arts shop and gallery in the slip road on the Main Road, just beyond the Bell Public House, the big windows of the Kesgrave Tesco and All Saints parish church (also conveniently near to the Bell).

The Exhibition ran from the 5th to 9th of July 2010. There were a wide variety of styles on show, with youngsters working with a wide range of media and included traditional pictures and drawings as well as more avante garde work. The youngsters produced sculptures and photographs, collage and textiles.

The school also created a catalogues to go with the exhibition which was available from reception at the High School or from the desk at the back of the 2nd Stop Charity shop, next to Kesgrave Tesco.

BMX / Dirt Jumping

Dirt Jumping

Dirt jumping along with skateboard provision, are constantly being considered in Martlesham and Kesgrave. In 2011 Martlesham Parish Council was granted a Lawful Development Certificate by Suffolk Coastal District Council to provide contours for a BMX track, through landscaping on the area of land adjacent to the A12, near Jubilee Play Space accessed from Main Road, Martlesham, via the existing footpath and track near the junction of Main Road, A12 Roundaboud and Laburnum Gardens.

Clearance of the designated area began in October 2011 and was opened in 2012.

Youth Club - Interim Arrangements (2011-2014)

As part of Suffolk County Councils funding cutbacks and New Strategic Direction, Kesgrave Youth Club closed on 23 May 11. To keep it going whilst a new location was found and Kesgrave Town Council made arrangements to take over the running of the Youth Club, an interim Youth Club was formed with All Saints Church providing paid youth workers to run the sessions together with volunteers and Kesgrave Town Council and SPARK provided funding. The meetings were still held in the Old High School Youth Club building. This arrangement ended in September 2014 when Kesgrave Town Council formally took over the running of the youth club based at a new location of the Millennium Jubilee Hall.

Youth Club - Final Arrangements (2014-)

From 2014-2018 the Town Council ran the youth club, Tuesdays and Thursdays, using it's own staff. However it proved increasingly difficult to attract enough qualified leaders and helpers to run it. The Town Council therefore looked at outsourcing the Youth Club to Community Youth Organisations.  In Sep 2018 Orwell Housing Group took over running the Thursday Youth Club but were unsucessful in attracting staff and they pulled out in Dec 2019. In 2019 4YP were engaged to run the Tuesday Youth Club. They then subsequently took over the Thursday Youth Club and moved both the year 7 and years 8/9 sessions to a Thursday. They continue to run the Youth club.


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