Kesgrave Town Meeting - Mon 19 Apr 7.15pm

To all Electors of Kesgrave

You are invited to attend the Virtual Teams

Kesgrave Town Meeting

To attend the meeting, please refer to our website for login details

on Monday 19 April 2021 at 7.15pm

under the Chairmanship of
The Chairman of the Town Council

- -

The Town Meeting may by law discuss all Town affairs and pass resolutions about them.

The following matters have so far been placed on the Agenda:–

1. Welcome and apologies
2. Minutes of the Annual Town Meeting 20 May 2019
3. Matters arising from the minutes
4. Chairman’s comments
5. Report of the Accounts of the Town Council
6. Neighbourhood Plan
7. Other matters raised via email prior to the meeting

Written reports have been requested from the following Kesgrave Organisations:

  • SPARK (Sport and Recreation in Kesgrave)
  • 2nd Stop Charity Shop
  • Partnership Funded PCSO Ellie Miles
  • Kesgrave Library
  • Kesgrave Community Centre (KWMCC)
  • Kesgrave Emergency Support Group (Covid-19)
  • Kesgrave Conservation Group (KCG)
  • Kesgrave Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association (KALGA)
  • Birches Medical Centre Patient Participation Group
  • Kesgrave Partnership Forum (Andy Joliffe, ESC Community Officer)

Neal Beecroft-Smith 22 March 2021

Chairman of the Town Council


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