Community Transport

Community Transport


Kesgrave has reasonably good bus services. But the buses don’t always go to the places people need to get to and bus connections are not always available at the times people need to travel. Also, some residents are unable to use bus services due to health problems – for example they are unable to walk to / from the nearest bus stop. All of this can mean that people struggle to access essential services and medical appointments.

It is these kinds of journeys that community transport can help with. Community transport services fill in the gaps left by our bus and train services. So, whether you need to reach a rural location off the bus and rail network or attend a medical appointment that you can’t reach by bus, community transport is there to help.

Connecting Communities

Community Transport / Connecting Communities


There are five types of service on offer:

  • Door-to-Door Services - Door-to-Door services use wheelchair accessible minibuses and are intended to enable people who may need a little more assistance with their journey to remain independent, i.e., need a helping hand to the vehicle or find the walk to their local shops too far or for a journey within the same town/village.
  • Wheels with in Wheels - This service provides a wheelchair accessible MPV. This service is ideal for journeys further a field like attending Ipswich Hospital where the volunteer driver will wait for you for up to two hours.
  • Community Car Services - This service is provided by volunteers using their own vehicles to provide journeys. Drivers will usually wait for up to 1 hour for shopping or appointments and 2 hours for Hospital appointments. This service is available to anyone who does not have access to a private car or are unable to use public transport.
  • Community Group Hire - These are minibuses available to community groups and not for profit organisations to hire with a volunteer driver or alternatively you could use your own driver (subject to training). 
  • Demand Responsive Transport - the services are run on behalf of Suffolk County Council for rural villages which have no regular bus service to enable pople to get to a local hub or to connect to a regular bus service or train service.  These services operate 6 days a week, from 7am to 7pm, can be booked by phone or online and cost the same as it would on a bus. These services are available to anyone to use, the service must be pre-booked, bookings can be taken up to 14 days in advance or on the day (subject to availability).  The service could be used for work, study, shopping, appointments, sightseeing or social reasons.

To make life easy, when you ring the transport providers they will match you up with the service that best suits your needs.

How to Use The Service

For journeys that involve travelling into Ipswich and beyond

You need to contact BSEVC

Further details of the scheme are given further on in this article.


For journeys in East Suffolk District (to Martlesham, Woodbridge and beyond)

You need to contact CATS (Coastal Accessible Transport Services):

CATs have also said that they would be willing to help residents with transport from Kesgrave as far as Ipswich Hospital. But they will go no further into Ipswich than that. If residents need to travel into Ipswich they need to contact the Community Transport operator BSEVC which runs community transport services in Ipswich.

Fares / Journey Planning

Fares are in line with bus fares and Community Cars cost 45p per mile. Please ask when you book your journey about the use of concessionary bus passes and Travel Vouchers.  You will need to register to use the service and this can be done over the phone.

More details can be obtained from:

Journeys can also be planned on and leaflets and maps are available from Kesgrave Town Council Office.


Finally, it’s worth pointing out that community transport schemes rely on volunteer drivers. The scheme organisers are always on the look-out for additional drivers. If you’re interested in driving for a few hours a week please contact them.

BSEVC Community Transport Scheme



We have services available for the people of Ipswich designed to ensure that people who have mobility issues or cannot access local buses are able to get from a to b. Our support team can help you with your enquiry and match you to the best available option for your situation. We can also connect you to onward travel by bus or train.

Service 1 – Connecting Communities Vehicle (also accessible for wheelchair users)
  • Service days – Monday to Saturday
  • Service times – 7.00am to 7.00pm
  • Area Covered – Ipswich and surrounding villages (Including Kesgrave)
  • Fare Structure – £2.40 per single up to 5 miles and £3.30 single 5 to 9 miles

How to pay

On the day of travel to your driver either cash or by using your travel vouchers. Please note that concessionary passes (bus passes) are not valid on this service.

How to book


You can book up to 2 weeks in advance or longer if you have a health appointment you need transport for. Please do let the team know this when you call.

Service 2 – Volunteer Community Car or accessible car
  • Service days – Monday to Saturday (some Sundays may be available if volunteer driver can be found)
  • Service times – 8.00am to 7.00pm
  • Area Covered – Anywhere in Suffolk and beyond. Some people use this service for days out and for hospital appointments as far away as Cambridge and Norwich. It can also be used locally in the Ipswich area.
  • Fare Structure – 45p per mile plus VAT (54p total) including the volunteers mileage to collect and return you. Plus a £1 booking fee for each single journey + VAT (£1.20). Our support team will assist to estimate a fare.

How to pay

You receive an invoice and can pay this by bank transfer, cheque or cash

How to book

Please call us to book or to find out more on

Service 3 – Minibus Scheme

A Minibus scheme also operates for group bookings.


Futher details