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American Square Dance Club. Today’s Square and Round Dancing is a fun activity, set to a wide variety of music that offers great social interaction while providing both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Today’s dancers move to modern music and come from all walks of life. A pleasant mix of Download Charts, Classic Rock, Country and Latin is used at dances all around the world.

Dances Mainstream & Plus on Wednesday at 7.30pm to Richard Motley, Geoff Holdcroft, Frank Dimond.  Richard 1st & 3rd. Geoff & Frank 2nd, 4th & 5th.


All Saints Church Hall, Main Road, Kesgrave IP5 1AA


 01394 610 548 - Geoff Holdcroft

(01473) 713255 - Terry and Suzanne


Last updated: 01 January 2020

Location: All Saints Church Hall - IP5 1AA

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