Kesgrave Kruisers

Kesgrave Kruisers


Kesgrave Kruisers are a Running Club based in Kesgrave, Suffolk, UK. We are registered with the Association of Running Clubs.

We meet for two training nights each week:

  • Tuesday intervals at the Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre involve laps around the field in a variety of formats that are sure to keep you interested week after week. These sessions cost £1 per adult, to be deposited at the start of the session.
  • Thursday sessions are typically on part or all of the Grange Farm cycle path and often involve distance efforts, such as 1 km or 1 mile repeats. These sessions are free.

Both nights are suitable for any age or ability.

The Tuesday circuits in particular are very welcoming to anyone taking their initial steps into running, as everyone is always in sight and earshot of the coach leading the sessions. Children are welcome to attend both sessions.

On Tuesdays any under 16s should be accompanied by a parent or guardianand under 12s must run with a parent or guardian under close supervision - with the parent or guardian deciding the appropriate efforts for the child.

On Thursdays any child under 16 should run with a parent or guardian, as the route may pass out of view of those leading the session.

The club regularly offers beginner and improver training programmes, building up to distances of 5 km, 10 km and Half Marathon.

There are regular Social runs through the week, often departing from Kesgrave Millennium Hall or near Tesco. Keep your eyes on our Facebook group for information and timings of all upcoming events.

The Facebook group is a hub for the club, and runners are welcome to share and request advice, recommendations, event details, running stories and more.

Happy running, and we hope to see you soon!


Last updated: 23 July 2021

Location: Kesgrave Community Centre - IP5 1JF

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