Bounce Belly


Bounce Belly offers the ultimate abdominal workout targeting the entire midsection to trim, firm and define the core. Featuring varying levels of ab exercises to suit different abilities, the focus is not only to tone the tummy but also reduce back pain, improve posture and strengthen stability.

((BOUNCE)) classes are high intensity, low impact workouts performed on mini trampolines. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and fierce, making the time spent in class welcoming, sociable and seriously effective

It is also fully inclusive, if you can jump, you can join! Offering a full body workout, it is suitable for any level of fitness as we always give low options and adaptations where available.

  • Gorseland Primary School, Deben Avenue, Martlesham Heath IP5 3QR

Last updated: 10 Aug 2021

Location: Gorseland Primary School - IP5 3QR

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