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Anglia Salsa


Salsa dance classes for adults. All the best in Cuban Style salsa and Rueda with Miranda.

Cuban-style – the original style - is easier for followers as there is less technique to learn than in New York or LA style, it is also much more fun because it is easier to dance it to the faster tracks.

In rueda (Spanish for wheel) everyone dances in a circle with one person calling the moves, everyone does the same move and many of the moves involve changing partners. The pace can be fast and furious, it is a challenge to the mind as well as the body.

* Beginners ALWAYS more than welcome…….Don’t be shy, don’t you worry about 2 left feet, you’ll be surprised what I am capable of. You will have a great time ‘dancing’ in a very friendly and fun atmosphere.

* No need to bring a partner (unless of course, you want to)


Kesgrave Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave IP5 1JF


Miranda Campbell

07788 710699


Last updated: 17 February 2020

Location: Kesgrave Community Centre - IP5 1JF

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