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KALGA - Kesgrave Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Association


Kalga was formally established in January 2009 and on 1 March 2012 took over a 5 acre site at Lux Farm, Playford.

  • The allotment site is located at the end of Playford Lane, Rushmere St Andrew. The entrance is located where the tarmac road finishes with the gate on the right, the entrance is clearly signed as the KALGA site. Please note that parking in the lane or the entrance of the field opposite is not allowed.

Kesgrave Conservation Group

Kesgrave Conservation Group

Conservation in Kesgrave was originally co-ordinated by CAIK (Conservation Awareness in Kesgrave). However they have been dormant for some time.

A new group, Kesgrave Conservation Group (KCG) was formed in May 2010 with the intention of carrying on the good work CAIK started.

The aim of the group is to make Kesgrave a wildlife friendly town (not Kesgrave in Bloom) finding as many places as possible to reinstate wild flowers, plants and trees to enhance our lives and at the same time provide homes for as much wildlife as possible, with the help of Kesgrave residents.

Further details of their work can be found here:

Anyone who is interested in joining KCG in this quest are very welcome.

If you are interested and want to make contact, for further information please do so through Kesgrave Town Council on

Kesgrave Climate Change Initiative

A local initiative to help reduce our carbon footprint and improve our environment.


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