Results of 2018 Solo & Quartet Contest

Under 18 Slow Melody

Position              Performer                      Band

1st                     Ellie Bould                      Tendring Brass

2nd                    Florence Wilson-Toy        Haverhill Youth and Community Band

3rd                    Edward Frazer-Brown        Tendring Brass


13 and under highest placed competitor

Florence Wilson-Toy                                 Haverhill Youth and Community Band


Senior Slow Melody 

Position            Performer                      Band

1st                   Tim Pannell                     Haverhill Silver Band

2nd                  Antony Sauders               Haverhill Silver Band

3rd                   Peter Mackley                Cottenham Brass


Air Varie

Position             Performer                     Band

1st                    Tim Pannell                   Haverhill Silver Band

2nd                   Alicia Lovett                  Castleton Brass

3rd                   Florence Wilson-Toy       Haverhill Youth & Community Band



Position             Band

1st                    Tendring Brass

2nd                   Fakenham Town

3rd                   Castleton Brass 'A'

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