Latest News - Feb 16

A busy close season has included the realisation of two significant milestones for the museum. After many years operating with a limited capacity generator, the project was given a major boost in November with the installation of mains electricity - made possible by a direct works grant by broadband company Buzcom Wireless Innovation. The agreement will also see free broadband connection onto the museum, eventually enabling development of the long planned for online and virtual aspect of the project.

A further boost was received in January when Suffolk Aviation Heritage Group attained registered charity status, after many years spent under the qualifying income threshold. Registration brings with it a significant broadening of the group’s potential fundraising base, and the very real prospect of seeing final completion of the museum in 2016.

Unfortunately, another major announcement regarding the future of the museum was unable to be detailed at the time of writing and is hoped to be made public in March.

The agreement with Buzcom has also seen the installation of movement sensitive stills cameras, which it is hoped will help tackle the problem of unwanted incursions into the site, which continue to be a significant problem despite the many appeals and notices over the years. It is intended that any photographs of culprits caught in the act will be passed to the Police.

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