Volunteer via Community Action Suffolk (CAS) to help Scouts

Partnership to create spaces for 469 Suffolk Scouts

Community Action Suffolk (CAS) and Suffolk Scouts are joining forces to find more adult volunteers in order to enable more young people to learn skills for life.

CAS will offer an updated, easy to use website to help potential volunteers. Although we have many great teams in Suffolk already running everything from youth sections, finances, web masters, marketing, training courses and many more, to support our growth we need more volunteers. Many skills that you may have can apply to Scouting too — accountants to treasurers, teachers and trainers to leaders and construction workers to activity centre managers — or you may feel you want to put you hand to something new.

Joining together with CAS enables Suffolk Scouts to reach a wider audience than existing parents and supporters, and aims to attract new volunteers to the movement. In the first move of its kind in Suffolk Scouting's 112-year history, flexible volunteering is an option for those who want to help but cannot commit to every week.

Volunteers gain valuable skills as well as the reward of seeing young people in their community gain the skills they need for life. Over 90 per cent of our volunteers believe that the skills and experiences they have gained through Scouting have helped them in their working or personal lives. Plus adults get to have fun and make new friends too!

Mark Pearson, the new County Commissioner for Suffolk Scouts, says: "No matter who you are, we would love you to be part of Suffolk Scouting, joining a dedicated, positive team of individuals and made to feel part of the Scouting movement. It will change your life and the lives of many more young people in Suffolk."

Andy Simpson from CAS added: "Community Action Suffolk is very excited to be working in partnership with an organisation as well established as the Scouting Association. Together we can promote the flexible and diverse range of volunteering opportunities within the Scouts to businesses, community groups and individuals across the county. With the award winning training available to volunteers we see this as a real win-win volunteering opportunity."

To see what opportunities will suit your life, visit: www.volunteersuffolk.org.uk



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