Suffolk Constabulary - Distraction Thefts of Mobiles

Police are reminding customer facing staff to keep their phones secure at all times after receiving 7 reports of ‘distraction thefts’ since start of October. 

The offenders will enter a premises with a customer reception area (such as a hairdressers or hotel) and distract staff by asking for help or directions and waving papers around.   They will then take the phone from the reception desk/counter whilst the member of staff is distracted. 

To reduce the risk of having your phone stolen, please follow these simple tips:

  •  Keep your phone secure and out of sight at all times.
  • Leave your phone in a secure locker or room away from any public facing areas if possible.
  • Be alert to customers who may try to distract you by asking questions and waving papers at you.
  • Ensure that your phone is registered at
  • Encourage your customers to follow this advice too. 
  • Ensure your phone is registered to a tracking app and switched on; if your phone is taken then alert the app immediately.


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