Spare a Thought Campaign - Thanks for the Support


For the past three years I have run a ‘Spare a Thought Campaign’, at Tesco Kesgrave Pharmacy where I am a pharmacist.  The campaign runs at Christmas time and aims to support the charity Catch 22, who support recent care leavers, between the ages of 16 and 21.

To me 16 is just a child but believe it or not you can leave care as young as 16 years old if you wish to.

We are given a target each year by Tania Sicling from Catch 22 to try to provide Christmas presents for the most vulnerable young people who have recently left care, many have no family at all and have been in lifelong care.

So often these young people are forgotten about in society, I decided a gift from a stranger would show these young people that the community did care and think about them.

So I put out my little gift tree with tags on which relate to each vulnerable person, and people if they want to can chose a tag and buy a gift for that person.

This year we managed to raise over 260 wrapped parcels for Catch 22 to distribute across Ipswich for Christmas!!

When I first started the idea for the gift tree, I was worried no one would donate any gifts, how wrong I was.  My main concern quickly switched to how was I going to wrap so many presents!

I just want to say a massive thank you to all those who helped support me, Sian Buck and Michelle Mellor who both ran gift trees for me, Tesco Kesgrave for the wrapping paper donation and my colleagues and friends who helped wrap them all!  It’s nice to know in a world where everything sometimes seems rather bleak that on the whole most people are kind.

And a massive thank you to the community of Kesgrave and Martlesham who so kindly donated the gifts.  I’m very proud of the community I live in.

Victoria Tovell.


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