Kesgrave Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultation June - July 2019

The Kesgrave Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents have been prepared by the community to establish a vision for the future of our town and set out how it will be realised through planning and controlling land use and development over the next 17 years. It has been in progress for almost two years with input from organisations, via public meetings, etc.

We are now in a position to put the draft plan to public consultation. Any comments will then be considered before the plan is submitted to East Suffolk Council which will take it forward to an independent inspector.

The public consultation will begin in early June for a period of eight weeks. The Neighbourhood Plan will be available on the town council website and in print at Kesgrave Town Council office.

As part of the consultation process, there will be an opportunity to ask questions at Kesgrave Fun Day on Saturday 8 June from 11am and at Kesgrave Markets in June and July. There will also be drop-in sessions at the Kesgrave Town Council; dates and times to be confirmed.

Comments need to be sent in writing to Kesgrave Town Council either as a letter or email; comments can only be made by Kesgrave residents, businesses and community organisations based in or with a direct interest in Kesgrave. Responses will therefore need to include your address which will not be used for any other purpose.


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