Coronavirus Emergency - Help and Support in Kesgrave - the next 3-6 months

The support network is not going to go away.

Support at a District Council level has ended and we want to reassure you that the current support network will continue to support our community as long as it's needed.

However from now on the Town Council will be taking the lead role (as of 1 Aug).

You can contact the Town Council on:

NB The office is usually manned Mon-Wed and Fri mornings but the phone system and emails will be checked as often as possible.

Details of the letter and contact details sent to currently supported residents explaining the new arrangements is attached below. However it applies to any new or previously supported residents who need our support at any time in the future.


Kesgrave Emergency Covid-19 Support Group

Dear Resident,

With the current Covid-19 restrictions being lifted and people keen to resume as normal a life as possible we feel it is time to plan ahead.

Support at a District Council level will be reducing and formally ends at the end of July. However, we are very keen that the current support network continues to support our community beyond that.

We have asked all our volunteers whether they wish to continue supporting you and clearly some of you may wish to start collecting your medication and shopping etc. and therefore no longer need anyone to support you.

Whatever people decide to do going forward, rest assured that you will still have the option of obtaining support if you still want or need it.

The Town Council is formally going to take over the day to day running and co-ordination of the Kesgrave Emergency Covid-19 Support Group from Debbie on 1 August.

It will continue to provide the following support and will do so going forward if you need it:

  • medication collections
  • weekly shopping
  • a chat
  • collecting goods from local businesses – Kiln Farm, Post Office, Kesgrave Market, Kesgrave Butchers

Some of you are already starting to take on the roles some of our volunteers were helping you with. This is fine. We would just ask you to let your volunteer know and let us know whether you would be happy to remain on our database of people helped just in case we need to support you in the future and to provide you with information about other initiatives and social events that may be of interest to you.

We have also attached a contact list for major services and issues that provide details of additional services you may need support with or information on.

The support network is not going to go away.

In the longer term a lot of friendships and goodwill have been generated by this emergency which we would like to keep going. We will endeavor to always help sign post you to other help where we can’t provide it directly or if there is local demand for other specific issues, we will see what we can do. If you have any ideas of the sort of support you may like to see over the forthcoming months, whatever it is, please get in contact with us.

If you have any concerns or need support, the Town Council will always endeavor to help you now or in the future.

Kind regards

Joanna Abbott

Town Clerk


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