2018 Brass Training Day


2018 Brass Training Day

The Association's 2018 Brass Training Day is taking place on Sunday 14th October at the Hewett Academy, Cecil Road, Norwich, NR1 2PL. The tutors for the day will come from this year's Open Champions and currently ranked number one brass band in the world, the Cory Band. This year there is an exciting change to the format of the day. There will be two bands Allegro and Andante.

The Allegro Band is for more experienced players who wish to play more technical/harder pieces of music.

Registration is from 9.30am with a 10.00am start. Lunch will be approximately 45 minutes and the course will conclude approximately at 4.30pm.

Member Bands enrolment fee: Under 16 £14.00 per player, Over 16 £18.00 per player.

Non Member Bands enrolment fee : £21.00 per player. 

The Andante Band is for less experienced players and those who do not wish to participate for a whole day. Registration is 1.00pm for a 1.30pm start.

Member Bands enrolment fee: £10.00 per player.

Non Member Bands enrolment fee: £12.00 per player.

For an entry form please email the Association Secretary on administration@eabba.org.uk

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